Question: What Will Your Resolution Be?

[Published in The Business Eye, Januari 2007 - Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce]

Is your answer 800x600, or 1024x768? No no no, I am not talking about your screen resolution. Ho ho ho, I am talking about New Years Resolutions (You did not see that one coming, right?). O.k., maybe I should put away the eggnog for a moment, and write something that makes a little bit more sense.

The past year I have written about ways to attract more visitors to your website, and things that you can do to improve the conversion from visitor to customer - things like Google Adwords, offline website promotion and providing safety nets to visitors who get confused on your site. And there will be more topics to be covered in next year's columns. (Is there a certain topic that you would like me to touch upon? Let me know!)

My main advice for your New Year's Resolutions: Do Not Make Any. Why? By the time it is February you will have forgotten all about them already. What you need is an Online Marketing Plan! Create a plan, and stick to it. Revisit it every few weeks or months, measure the results and then adjust it where necessary. Because if you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there!

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